Is it Bedtime Yet?

As I sat down, laptop in front of me, I began to ponder what my next blog post might be about. Well, it didn't take long to figure it out. It's the age-old question all moms ask themselves at least once a day.... is it bedtime yet?!

No, really, is it bedtime yet? My ears are consistently being assaulted by statements like, "Mom, he hit me," or "I had that toy first."  And then there is the crying. SO much crying! I mean seriously, is it a full moon?

 I have never related to a meme more at this moment than the one below. 

As I creep my eyes over the top of the laptop, afraid, I will see fire surrounding me, I snap back into reality and come to the conclusion, I am over mom life today! Did I just admit that out loud? YEP, sure did! But, I know I am not alone and you all won't judge me....right?!?

I was really hoping to make a meaningful post this evening, but for the sake of my sanity and to rescue the child, who looks like they are about to be body slammed by a WWE wrestler wanna-be, from meeting Jesus too soon I will go ahead and bid you all a farewell!

And guess what?! It actually is BEDTIME now! Send wine, ice cream, prayers, or all three my way!

With love, laughter, and a dumpster fire coming from my living room - thank you for tuning in!



  1. My husbands aunt used to set all the clocks ahead one hour so bedtime came earlier!

    1. Well, your husband's aunt is a certified genius! How have I never thought of this?!


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